Live Food Workshops

Live Food Workshops are scheduled for the following Sundays from 11:00am to 1:00pm and cost $50 per persson

Next Workshop scheduled for:

  • Sunday 10th March 2018

On the day everyone will have the opportunity to assist with preparation of the dishes as well as try everything that is made on the day. Relevant tips and recipes will be supplied.  The workshops are designed to be interactive and educational so they can be tailored to meet specific needs or interests that participants have.

Workshop themes may include any of the following

  • sprouted grain breads
  • sprouted crackers
  • how to activate seeds, nuts, grains and legumes
  • live hommous
  • raw nori roll fillings
  • raw milk yoghurt
  • raw milk ricotta
  • living kitchen pantry
  • dehydrated foods
  • minimal nutritional loss cooking
  • whole grain porridge

Consuming raw living foods such as germinated seeds, nuts, grains and legumes we nutritionally get the most out of our food along with more fibre, ease of digestion and increased satiability and taste. In addition, the raw living foods act like a broom in the digestive tract sweeping out any built up crud. It also maintains a predominantly alkaline internal environment necessary to protect against disease. This all equates to feeling and looking better and freeing up energy to pursue more rewarding activities.

To book in for one of the Live Food Workshops fill the form in below indicating which date you are interested in attending and highlight any preferences you have and I will get back to you with venue details.