The classes are designed to build on one another and it is important to be comfortable with the poses in Level 1 before progressing onto level 2. If unfamiliar with the Iyengar method I recommend starting with the Beginner level to gain a basic knowledge of the posturess and familiarise yourself with the language and tools used with this style.


Ideal for students who have never done Yoga before or are new to the Iyengar method. This class introduces the foundation poses which all the othe poses (asanas) are built on. These asanas will improve body structure, lubricate the joints creating freedom of movement. Muscles are strengthened and lengthened while the internal organs and nervous system are toned. Students can expect to feel the beneficial effects on the body and mind immediately. The syllabus consists of simple standing, sitting and twisting asanas and foundations laid for forward, backward and supine extensions. Students will also build towards inverted poses such as shoulderstand and abdominal contractions.

Level 1

This class builds on the Beginner level poses and gives a general background consisting of seated poses, twists, prone, supine and inverted asanas along with simple backward extensions and basic pranayama. There is an emphasis given on the intermediate stages of some of the poses for the student’s benefit.  Shoulderstand and Halasana are practiced regularly in this class and students build towards other inverted poses such as Headstand.

Level 2

At this level there is more attention on working in the poses and focusing on different parts of the body in the asanas. All the standing poses are practiced – balancings, forward extensions and twists – and an emphasis on flexing of the knees in different poses. Foundations are laid for deeper backward extensions and Headstand is practised regularly.  To attend this class students must be able to hold shoulderstand for 10 minutes

Level 3

This level increases the range of seated poses, inversions and pranayama. Students will be introduced to arm balances postures and more challenging backward extensions. Variations in the headstand and shoulderstand are practiced regularly.  With regular practice details of the poses are absorbed and a deeper understanding of self is experienced. This class is for students who can hold headstand for 5 minutes.  Please seek the advice of your teacher before attending this class.