My name is Tracy Armstrong, qualified yoga teacher and natural health educator, living in Townsville, North Queensland. I started this blog with the intention to inspire and uplift readers. I plan to share creative ideas in the art of living a happy, healthier, harmonious life in the 21st century that are easy and fun to implement. The content will cover several practical areas of life such as eating, growing, moving and resting. It is designed to be interactive with readers having the opportunity to ask questions, comment and also share their experiences. Being big on connection I hope this will make the site more personal.

The title “In the raw with Tracy” reflects the basis of my eating regime which I am very excited about sharing. Eating living foods is not new but vitally important in restoring and maintaining a happy healthy body and mind.  From an early age I have been on the path of self-improvement and seeking out a way of life that resonated with my soul. My search brought me to Natural Hygiene – a back to basic system of living and Iyengar Yoga which has been an excellent tool for self-improvement.

I have  been teaching yoga and live food workshops in Townsville since 1999. I completed teacher training with Nicky Knoff and James Bryan in 1997 and have continued studies in the Iyengar method under senior Iyengar teacher Peter Scott. I  am very passionate about the restorative effects of yoga and yoga anatomy and how this can be applied to various health conditions to optimise results. In 2003, I completed studies in Natural Health and Nutrition with Fit for Life Sciences Institute and have been reaping the benefits of superior health ever since.

As mentioned earlier I have always been interested in being the best I can be. In my early teenage years I tried different eating styles such as The Pritikin Diet and started reading self-help books like Louise Hay “Heal your Body” and loved aerobics! It was so big in the 80’s and 90’s.  At the age of 26, I sought out Yoga after developing back pain through heavy lifting at a plant nursery. My first yoga teacher, Sinita Fry, saw my potential early on and would use me to demonstrate the poses. She also encouraged me to go to Cairns and do teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy.

In 1997 I relocated to Cairns and undertook a 12 month Yoga Teacher Training Course. My objective was personal growth, not to be a yoga teacher,  I felt I needed something physical to assist in making the desired changes in my life. I was right, of course. The practice of yoga put me in touch with my inner world – what I thought about myself and how I treated myself. It was not pretty. I also became aware of my physical body especially after being sore for the first month of my training.  It was during my teacher training that I was introduced to Natural Hygiene. Simply put it is based on a raw whole food diet, breathing in fresh air, drinking pure water, moving the body in enjoyable endeavours outdoors, relaxing, obtaining adequate sleep, resting the body when required to aid healing, being creative, doing the things you love and connecting with others.

Since I have been practicing this system of health I have experienced a superior level of health free from disease that typically plague the population.