Tracy’s first blog ever!

Hello Everyone,

I have started this blog with the intention to inspire and uplift readers. My friends and family are always seeking out my advice about what to eat, how to prepare live foods, what yoga pose to do for this or that condition or how best to cleanse. So I figured I could share all this information more readily with a web presence and therefore reach a wider audience. That way we all can enjoy a healthier happier lifestyle.

I plan to include thoughts on the following topics: eating, growing, moving and resting. I will do this by posting meals I have prepared or a yoga pose that is helpful for digestion for example. Readers will be able to ask questions and receive feedback. For locals I plan to hold live food workshops where you will have the opportunity to help prepare and try live food meals. Or you may opt for a lifestyle makeover where I will come to your home and help guide you to a more wholesome natural way of eating, moving and resting. Anyhow these are just a few of my ideas so far.

For more information About my background and the services offered press this link.

Green Papaya Salad Rice Paper Rolls

This is what I had for lunch today. I just love green papaya salad. It is so tasty and utilises lots of fresh in season ingredients – chilli, garlic, green papaya, lime juice, tamari, palm sugar, peanuts, tomatoes and snake beans. You will need a mortar and pestle to pound the ingredients to release their juices and flavours. I filled the rice paper rolls with avocado, alfalfa, papaya salad and vermicelli. This dish is fresh, filling and full of flavour. It will last in the fridge all week but make up the rolls as you want to eat them.

until next time, adios




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharryl says:

    Hi Tracy, Congratulations on your beautiful blog! Can’t wait to read more. Am going to try making your green papaya salad rice paper rolls as they look yummy.


  2. Linda says:

    Wonderful new & good on you for getting this blog up & running Tracy. It looks fantastic (so far) and will continue to blossom I know. Thank you for sharing so beautifully, as you do ❤


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